Grupo de Investigacion en Sistemas de Control e Intelligencia Artificial

Quick Facts:

GISCIA is a research group located at Lima-Peru.
We are known for our research papers, the numerous Awards we have received nationally, and for being very selective with our members.
All of our members (so far) are from Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria.
We have 2 main areas of research : Control Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

Quick History:

GISCIA was started up by a small group of undergraduate Mechatronic Engineering students at 2007.

Its main founders were:

Rudolph Molero
Drago Separovich
Nilton Cuellar
Martín Montes


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You can check out our research papers at the Papers section

Today GISCIA has had over 20 members, and is always in the search for new ones, interested in doing research in its 2 main areas.

If interested in being a member, please check out our contact link. people

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