Current Organization

President : Kevin Bello

Vice President : Ronald Cardenas

Administrative Assistant & Treasurer : Jasper Huanay

Research Director : David Paredes


Degree Name History Current Activities contact
Student Kevin Bello President Machine Learning & NLP moc.liamg|394091mbsk#moc.liamg|394091mbsk
Student Ronald Cardenas Vice President NLP & Mahine Learning moc.liamg|atsocasanedracnor#moc.liamg|atsocasanedracnor
Student David Paredes Active Member Data Mining & Computer Vision moc.liamg||
Student Jhair Gallardo Active Member Autonomous Robotics
B.S. Jaspers Huanay Active Member Machine Learning moc.liamg|qnmailliwh#moc.liamg|qnmailliwh
B.S. Jhon Paredes Active Member Machine Learning moc.liamg|orap.noside.nohj#moc.liamg|orap.noside.nohj
B.S. Alejandro Ramirez Former Vice President UGV Project - Computer Vision moc.liamg|02gprordnajela#moc.liamg|02gprordnajela
B.S. Martin Salcedo Member Machine Learning moc.liamg|2980.odeclas.r#moc.liamg|2980.odeclas.r
B.S. Oscar Giraldo Former Vice President Myoelectric Patterns Recognition & Researcher at CTIC moc.liamg|tsac.ig.racso#moc.liamg|tsac.ig.racso
B.S. Alexander Rodriguez Former President Data Mining (exchange student @ University of Oklahoma) ep.inu|aczeugirdora#ep.inu|aczeugirdora
B.S. Carlos Silva Member Probabilistic Graphical Models moc.liamg|o.avlis.e.solrac#moc.liamg|o.avlis.e.solrac
B.S. Erick Florian Member Pisco Sour Vending Machine moc.liamg|inu.nairolf.kcire#moc.liamg|inu.nairolf.kcire
B.S. Juan Suarez Active Member UAV- Project moc.liamg|zeraus.nauj#moc.liamg|zeraus.nauj
B.S. Arturo Deza Former President Dynamical Neuroscience PhD student @UCSB moc.liamg|azedorutra#moc.liamg|azedorutra
B.S. Wilbert Pumakay Member UAV- Project moc.liamg|hpnasliw#moc.liamg|hpnasliw
B.S. Jorge Aparicio Former Vice President Humanoid Researcher (intern @ Purdue University) moc.liamtoh|r_oicirapa_j#moc.liamtoh|r_oicirapa_j
B.S. Victor Paredes Former President Humanoid Researcher (intern @ Texas A&M University) moc.liamg|6mrotcivp#moc.liamg|6mrotcivp
B.S. Santiago Cortijo Former Administrative Assistant Artificial Intelligence M.Sc. student @ Piere and Marie Curie Univeristy moc.liamg|aojitrocs#moc.liamg|aojitrocs
B.S. Michael Rimachi Member Unmanned Ground Vehicle Researcher
B.S. Jose Albites Former Vice President BioMedical Engineering PhD student @ Brown University moc.liamg|basbla.esoj#moc.liamg|basbla.esoj
B.S. David Lavy Member Robotics Engineer @ Aldebaran Robotics moc.liamg|88yval.divad#moc.liamg|88yval.divad
B.S. Edison Alfaro Member Biped Motion Researcher moc.liamg|mifedi#moc.liamg|mifedi
B.S. Elvis Jara Alegria Member Biped Motion Researcher & Nanosatellite moc.liamg|arajsivle#moc.liamg|arajsivle
B.S. Fred Araujo Member Quadrotor Project moc.aicsig|ojuaraf#moc.aicsig|ojuaraf
B.S. Juan Camarena Member Working at ANALAB moc.liamg|aneramac.qj#moc.liamg|aneramac.qj
B.S. Luis Hernandez Associated Systems Biology PhD student @ Harvard University ude.elay|zenunzednanreh.siul#ude.elay|zenunzednanreh.siul
B.S. Sebastian Castillo Associated Bioengineering PhD Student @ Rice University moc.liamg|riahollitsac#moc.liamg|riahollitsac
B.S. Alfonso Villata Former President Working at ABB moc.aicsig|atlalliva#moc.aicsig|atlalliva
B.S. Renato Miyagusuku Former President MSc Student @ University of Tokyo - Todai moc.liamg|ukusugayim.r#moc.liamg|ukusugayim.r
B.S. Jorge Paredes Merino Former Vice President MSc Student @ PUC-Rio Brazil moc.aicsig|sederapj#moc.aicsig|sederapj
B.S. Alhiet Orbegoso Member Working at ABB moc.aicsig|osogebroa#moc.aicsig|osogebroa
B.S. Pedro Achanccaray Former Administrative Assistant Computer Vision MSc Student @ PUC-Rio Brazil moc.liamg|9859ordep#moc.liamg|9859ordep
B.S. Frank Canahuire Member PhD @ Unicamp
B.S. Luis Alejandro Rojas Herencia Member Working at GyM moc.aicsig|sajorl#moc.aicsig|sajorl
B.S. Cristian Munoz Member MSc Student @ PUC-Rio Brazil moc.aicsig|zonumc#moc.aicsig|zonumc
M.Sc. David Achanccaray Advisor Professor at Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria moc.liamg|152cemgni#moc.liamg|152cemgni
Ing. Jose Oliden Advisor Director of CTIC & Professor at Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria moc.liamg|nedilo.esoj#moc.liamg|nedilo.esoj
M.Sc. Ricardo Bustinza Advisor Professor at Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria ep.ude.inu|tsubor#ep.ude.inu|tsubor
B.S. Rudolph Molero Founder Internship @ CMU moc.liamg|reflomacem#moc.liamg|reflomacem
B.S. Drago Separovich Founder Project Manager @ Owens Illinois moc.liamg|hcivorapesd#moc.liamg|hcivorapesd
M.Sc. Nilton Cuellar Founder PhD Student @ PUC-Rio Brazil moc.liamg|inu.notlin#moc.liamg|inu.notlin
B.S. Martin Montes Founder Working at FAMETAL S.A.